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Due to the increasingly strict requirements of UK insurers, it has become almost impossible for independent jewellers to provide in-house valuation services. There has been a large increase in insurance fraud involving jewellery and watches, and many insurance providers have become unwilling to accept valuation reports produced by independent jewellers rather than a Registered Valuer. This is especially true for diamond-set items, which are required to undergo a laboratory screening process to determine whether the stones are natural or lab-grown before the true value can be calculated. If the valuation report doesn’t meet the criteria required by your particular insurer (or there is any doubt about how the value was calculated) this can lead to any future insurance claims being rejected. 
While some independent jewellers continue to offer in-house valuations, we don’t believe this is worth the risk for our customers. Therefore, all jewellery and watch valuation reports are now arranged through SafeGuard, the UK’s leading valuation service provided by Birmingham Assay Office. 

SafeGuard Jewellery & Watch Valuations

SafeGuard has a team of highly qualified, expert valuers who have more than 150 years of combined experience in the trade. They work diligently using the latest technology and best-practice methods to provide you with a professional, independent and impartial valuation every time. As SafeGuard are the leading valuation service in the UK, their report is guaranteed to be accepted by your insurer. Every insurance valuation report will include digital photographs with a unique reference number. SafeGuard will store a copy of these photographs in HD quality, which can be recalled at any time with your reference number. This is invaluable in the event of loss or theft, whether for identifying the item or making a copy of your item. Your report will also include a full and accurate description of each item including the gradings of precious gemstones and diamonds, the metal content, hallmark information and distinguishing features. This information is vital for the success of any future claims, leaving nothing to chance in an insurance validation process. If you'd like to see what a report includes, please pop in and ask to view a sample. 
The costs for SafeGuard's valuation services are shown below. Please note these charges are set by SafeGuard and we cannot offer any discount on the prices shown. A £30 charge is payable to cover the cost of return postage (insured for £25,000) and a small handling fee charged by SafeGuard. This is only payable once per order, no matter how many items you send. For example, the total cost to value a diamond solitaire ring and a watch would be £250 (£100 for the ring, £120 for the watch and £30 postage). Earring pairs are classed as one item.
If your item is complex (for example jewellery items with more than 30 stones or a mix of stone shapes and sizes) or an antique, the standard charges will not apply. In this case, we will contact SafeGuard for a quote before sending your item away. 

The following terms apply:
This is a third-party service and involves posting your items to SafeGuard at Birmingham Assay Office, using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Your item will be fully insured during transit, however we have no control over items being lost or damaged by Royal Mail. Please bear this in mind when choosing to send your item away, especially if it has sentimental value. While at Birmingham Assay Office, your item will be covered under their own insurance. 
The standard timescale is approximately three weeks, excluding postage times. Where same-day or next-day service has been requested, please note that these timescales relate to the valuation process itself rather than the overall timescale. SafeGuard has a small team of expert valuers who can only complete a limited number of valuations each day. When your items arrive at Birmingham Assay Office, they will be booked-in for valuation in the earliest available slot, which could be several working days later. Once the valuation is completed, your items will be dispatched on the same or next day, depending on the service you have chosen. 




SafeGuard are experiencing extremely high demand for their services and their usual timescales have doubled to approximately six to seven weeks. Express services have also been suspended. We have no control over these timescales. If your valuation is not urgent, we would recommend waiting until their current backlog has eased. 

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